Jewelry Design Workshop - Be inspired and never run out of ideas

A process for Inspiration for Jewelry Designs so you'll never run out of ideas

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Have you been making jewelry, but following others' tutorials and have a yearning to come up with your own unique designs?

Have you seen other people's designs, but they're just not quite right for you and your own style?

Wondering how you even figure out your own personal jewelry style?

And how do you come up with ideas without having all day to dream about jewelry designs?

Give me a few minutes a day and I will take you from wondering how jewelry designers come up with their ideas to designing your own jewelry in your own unique style!

In this workshop you’ll learn my process for never running out of ideas for jewelry designs. Through the process, you’ll develop your own personal jewelry style and even learn how to put together a cohesive collection.

We’ll start by learning about the basic principles of jewelry design. Then you’ll learn how to create an Idea Collage, a technique you can do over and over again to get lots of inspiration. Plus you’ll get some bonus prompts for even more inspiration. I’ll share my process for pulling ideas from your Idea Collage.

Then we’ll move onto actually sketching our design ideas and choosing designs for a collection. Finally, I’ll share tips for finalizing your jewelry designs and troubleshooting when a design does not seem to be quite working.

By the end of this workshop you'll:

  • Have created a book full of inspiration and jewelry design ideas you've come up yourself that will be a continuous source of inspiration,
  • Learn my tried and true process that you can go back to and jump in anywhere in the process and get even more inspiration and ideas for jewelry designs,
  • Discover your own personal inspiration for jewelry designs,
  • Uncover your own personal style for your own self-expression,
  • Have confidence in your knowledge of design principles, and
  • A way to choose and refine the jewelry designs that you decide to create.
  • And you'll be ready to start making jewelry that represents your own unique self-expression and even complete an entire collection if you want!

You'll feel more confident, creative and inspired. You'll be excited to share your own person self-expression!

The #1 question I'm asked is, "How do you come up with your jewelry design ideas?"

In this workshop, you'll get my own process that I use over and over again for coming up with design ideas.

I take you through my process of:

  • Inspiration
  • Ideas
  • Jewelry Sketching
  • Refinement and course correction.

You'll also get an explanation of the 7 Basic Principles of Jewelry Design with examples. If you ever felt like a jewelry design just wasn't working, it's probably one of these principles that's off.

You'll get:
  • Instructions - videos and written,
  • A full eBook of the workshop,
  • Worksheets to print to help you along the way,
  • Inspirational prompts, and
  • You always can email me to ask me any questions if you get stuck along the way.


If you think you don't have time to come up with your own jewelry designs, consider the amount of time you spend searching online for tutorials on how to make a piece of jewelry someone else made.

Take that time and use the knowledge you've gained from those tutorials and start your own inspiration book and design your own jewelry pieces in your own unique style. You can break it down into 15 minutes a day.

And you don't need anything extra or fancy for this workshop. Any notebook will do. And the best part is you can design pieces using the actual supplies you already have on hand. No need to buy any more beads that you never use again. Use up your stash by designing your pieces around what you have on hand!

Enroll now and get:

  • All the lessons on this easy to use platform.
  • Videos where they are helpful (6 total).
  • Worksheets to help you in your process.
  • Inspirational prompts for even more inspiration.
  • Email help from me.

My students love:

  • My detailed and clear instructions,
  • The fact that they can contact me anytime with questions and I'll help until you understand,
  • I don't breeze through steps assuming you know something (that you may not, in fact, know)
  • My friendly, approachable style, and
  • My quick and thoughtful responses.

I haven't found anything like this workshop that has a focus on inspiration and finding your own style for jewelry design. We will get into the "rules" or design principles, but this workshop is more about finding your own unique inspiration and pulling ideas out of that inspiration.

Plus, I have a learning guarantee:

You'll learn what I say you'll learn or you can ask me questions and I'll help you until you get it. (Sometimes students need a little extra email help or a quick extra video. I'm here to help!)

Enroll now! The price is low so it's an obvious yes! I'm not sure how long this workshop will stay at this price.

Your Instructor

Kimberlie Kohler
Kimberlie Kohler

I'm Kimberlie Kohler. (You can call me Kim.) I teach jewelry making and creativity.

My specialty is wire wrapping and making jewelry less complicated with very clear, step-by-step photos or videos. I love sharing creativity tips and giving inspiration for creativity. Even if you haven't expressed yourself creatively since you were young, it's still in you.

I have been a jewelry designer for years, selling mostly eco-friendly and funky jewelry. I've sold my jewelry all across Pennsylvania at craft shows, stores and in my own retail space in downtown Lancaster, PA. I've also sold my jewelry all over the world via my online shop.

I've been making jewelry since I was a child and professionally making and selling jewelry since 2005.

I have been teaching jewelry making online since 2012 and have run eCourses and eWorkshops online.

My biggest inspiration is nature, but I find inspiration everywhere. I'm interested in innovative (as well as easy) ways to make jewelry; not just the regular, traditional ways. I also don't think you have to spend a fortune to express yourself with jewelry making.

Course Curriculum

  Part 2: Ideas from Your Inspiration
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  Part 3: Refine Your Ideas
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  Part 4: Jewelry Creation
Available in days
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Available in days
days after you enroll
  Appendix - Full PDF of Workshop, Resources and Worksheets
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days after you enroll

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